These kind of people..

You can’t talk with them, cause they will tell things behind your back

You can’t take them as friend, cause you never know what they will do with you

You can’t leave them, otherwise they will talk

You can’t sit with them, cause it’s awkward

You can’t avoid them, they will talk behind you

You can’t say anything to them, otherwise they will rip the context out of it and change your words

You can’t kill them or you will be seen as a murderer

You can only wish you have never met these kind of people..

The hypocritical people..



I uploaded some old drawings of mine you can find it on gallery..


Introducing a new blogger

Soo I know I am like the blogger on WordPress but I hope you welcome me like any other old member.. No I am not from America or England but I decided to make my page in English instead of writing in my own language.. I really hope it’s readable and feel free to correct me on my English so that I can learn from my mistakes..

At my page you will find subject from different kinds, from diseases to health, from fashion to family.. the purpose of this site is to help people in many ways..

I live in Amsterdam and was born and raised here so my language is Dutch but again I will blogg in English..

Feel free to leave a reaction wethever it’s negative or positive.. cause every negative reaction has a positive side..

Have a gr8 day 🙂